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Cataclysm healing academy: Part 1

August 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Cataclysm Healing Academy, it’s a new initiative of SpamHeal blog. I’ve decided to start such actions becouse of Blizzard blues and they statements. Ghostclawler with his blue friends few times announced changes about healers mana, and about, endless mana poll. In Cataclysm it have to change, blues said that healers will have to manage their mana like old times, there were blues where Devs saying even about “Soft enrage” in fights which will happen when healers mana is out, lets call it “Mana starvation enrage”.

Don’t be naive, in this envoirment alot of us (healers), specially this one with lower experience¬† will be just lame, totally noobie when after 2 min of fights they’ll be Out of Mana. Yes, im hoping that’s possible.

For now, we have to wait for new mana regen mechic, atm on beta mana regen formula is totally broken (yes?) and your mana is just infinite (sitting with 3,000 mn5 isn’t intended seems like) so i can’t you tell about mana management or right spell usage.

So far, in beta we’ve got 3 instances and 1st part of academy will be about one of them, about Blackrock Caverns, lvl 80-82 instance. “Read more” for … yy … MORE!

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Cataclysm shaman changes.

June 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Official this time and… disappointing, at least for me, from PvE view.

Blizzard’s blues have been released a early beta of our Cataclysm talents. Honestly our new healing tree is the most disappointing, far more then great priest talents and from “decent” restoration druid, at least in my opinion.

With our new talents we aren’t taking even single new good PvE talent, instead of that we’re received 2 new PvP focused talents, which are pretty poor trade off for dispel poison and totem.

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