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Cataclysm beta tab.

June 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Here we go.

After 3 drunk days and some shitload of work i’ve back and blog is gonna morph for something… bigger hope so

I’ve lunched Cataclysm beta tab in menu, im gonna to play alot on beta, if key doesn’t find way to my e-mail probably i’ll buy one to keep you alive with beta as much as possible. In Cataclysm beta tab you gonna find information, my thoughts, screenshot or movies from that beta.

Recruitment is next tab, which i’ll lunch late today or tomorrow. Yes, im looking for redactors for SpamHeal, to create crew what makes our blog better, bigger, probably about more issues then only Restoration or Healing, so if your creativity can’t leave you only for playing, you have to visit Recruitment tab to grab some additionally information. At the moment i can’t tell you which issues we’re going to catch, maybe it will be other specs of shaman, maybe other healing class, maybe even a rogue!, it’s all up to you.

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