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Cataclysm talents & mastery system rebuild.

July 8, 2010 Leave a comment


  • Elemental – Thunderstorm
  • Enhancement – Dual Wield, Lava Lash
  • Restoration – Earth Shield
  • Based on GC preview of new Cataclysm talents and mastery, shaman will get following spells on lvl 10, depends on tree what you’ll pick up while lvling, for example: as healer you’ll take Earth Shield, as Enh Dual Wield with Lava Lash and as Elemental Thuderstorm, honestly it’s a big deal for lvling an shaman alt, alot more funniest will come with this changes.

    Yesterday, Blizzard blues were active as hell. So far we know that new talent trees will be 38-42 points in main’spec, we know that typically talents will be 3/3 at max, first tiers will be with 8 talents avaiable (3+3+2) and deep talents would give you 5 points to spend in diffrent tallents (3+2). Trees will be 31 talent points, we’ll get less talents per lvl (1 talents at 2 lvls or so), that all changes are really gonna FLIP UP’SIDE’DOWN game.

    Let’s wait till next beta build to see wtf is going on…

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