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Cataclysm healing academy: Part 1

August 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Cataclysm Healing Academy, it’s a new initiative of SpamHeal blog. I’ve decided to start such actions becouse of Blizzard blues and they statements. Ghostclawler with his blue friends few times announced changes about healers mana, and about, endless mana poll. In Cataclysm it have to change, blues said that healers will have to manage their mana like old times, there were blues where Devs saying even about “Soft enrage” in fights which will happen when healers mana is out, lets call it “Mana starvation enrage”.

Don’t be naive, in this envoirment alot of us (healers), specially this one with lower experience┬á will be just lame, totally noobie when after 2 min of fights they’ll be Out of Mana. Yes, im hoping that’s possible.

For now, we have to wait for new mana regen mechic, atm on beta mana regen formula is totally broken (yes?) and your mana is just infinite (sitting with 3,000 mn5 isn’t intended seems like) so i can’t you tell about mana management or right spell usage.

So far, in beta we’ve got 3 instances and 1st part of academy will be about one of them, about Blackrock Caverns, lvl 80-82 instance. “Read more” for … yy … MORE!

Read more…


Fuck yea!

August 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Like above, i put my hands on beta! That’s mean alot of shaman content commin. I spent around 8-10h on beta, mostly in Mount Hyjal and i can tell my thoughts from shaman perspective of that zone.


First of all, you gonna feel really good as shaman, there is tons of npc’s like you, alot of nature spells around to defend Tree, that all “aura” makes you proud, i mean that you’re a shaman. But it won’t be your first impresions.

Your first thoughts will be about quests or lore if you’re lore’freak. You gonna meet Ysera with cool’looking Alextrasza-like model, She and other NPCs gonna bomb you with quests, and… there is 1st crappy issue. Quests are just terrible BORING. Go kill 5 elementals, get 10 Ogre heads and etc. Of course there is few exceptions and thanks God, they’re SUCH GREAT, for ex. Get bears from tree and throw them into trampoline – that quest is full, fully of WIN!. Overally whole zone is still in deep dev. There is alot spawns missing, animations of new elmentals missing, alot Placeholders of NPC texts or models. However, doing that all boring quests makes feel you that You really saving Mount Hyjal from Deathwing and Ragnaros forces which is pretty cool, which allows you to forgot about sleep.


This one, i mean this zone is far, far better then Mount Hyjal, started from introducing, where you’re going to bay and sailing with Horde Warriors, where big tenacles attacks you, when you’re drowing, till some “SHAMAN!” save your ass. After this enojoying “pre’quests” to zone you got some tasks, to save some horde warriors, hunt food for them, find armor for them. Then you’re going to defend your “ship” and your quest going BUGGED and you don’t have any followups (that’s my story). Overall Vashjr seems to be full of fun quests, not only killing and gathering stuff but you have to wait till i’ll check it with some alt.

Tomorrow, impresions from 5m healing with some maths and movies / screens.

Take Care, Drst

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Still no BETA :<, Shaman changes build 12644++

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes, i still doesn’t have beta, it’s a fairly good reason why you don’t have beta streaming, impresions, other stuff.

Ok, we’re 3 build ahead then last post i’ve made. At least we’ve got some nice changes in our restoration build.

More on this changes tomorrow.

Cataclysm Beta – Build 12604 and previously.

July 24, 2010 2 comments

More then two weeks ago last post were made, im sorry for that but all of the beta information makes me mad, everyday new build, new stuff, etc.

Last build, 12604 introduce brand new Armor Specializations, we, resto shamans are focused on:

Tribal Mail SpecializationIncreases your Intellect by 5% while wearing only Mail armor.

With this change Blizzard wants to make our BiS list with Mails, but im not 100% sure that 5% of intellect will be enough when itemization will be fucked ­čÖé

From class changes, Ancestral Swiftness is back as a Tier 2 talent in Enh tree, this is only noticeable change for our Resto tree.


Our possible Restoration builds at them moment:

This (3/5/31) is core of our build in my opinion, with 3 points in Ancestral Knowledge in Elemental tree and 5 points in Enh tree with points in Improved Shields 3/3 and Elemental Weapons 2/2.

Now, we’ve 2 free points to spend, and 2 “moveable” talents in Restoration tree, in my main build atm i’ll spend thoes 2 talents in Ancestral Swiftness (reminder: Ghostwolf will be useable indoor) which makes my final build like 3/7/31.

You can move 2 talents away from Ancestral Swiftness, 1 from Ancestral Resolve and put thoes 3 points into Focused Insight if you like to play more offensive (possible Flame shocking boss). You can take aswell 1 point more from┬á Ancestral Resolve and 1 from Elemental Weapons and put 2 points into Telluric Currents if you like to play more more offensive to gain some raid dps and probably good mana gain from “bolting” boss.

So far, our Restoration tree is still dissapointing for me at least. There is lack of new good healing utility.

Aditionally there is highly possible that i’ll have beta acces in next week, so stay tuned with news and previews.

Tribal Mail Specialization – Increases your Intellect by 5% while wearing only Mail armor.

Cataclysm talents & mastery system rebuild.

July 8, 2010 Leave a comment


  • Elemental – Thunderstorm
  • Enhancement – Dual Wield, Lava Lash
  • Restoration – Earth Shield
  • Based on GC preview of new Cataclysm talents and mastery, shaman will get following spells on lvl 10, depends on tree what you’ll pick up while lvling, for example: as healer you’ll take Earth Shield, as Enh Dual Wield with Lava Lash and as Elemental Thuderstorm, honestly it’s a big deal for lvling an shaman alt, alot more funniest will come with this changes.

    Yesterday, Blizzard blues were active as hell. So far we know that new talent trees will be 38-42 points in main’spec, we know that typically talents will be 3/3 at max, first tiers will be with 8 talents avaiable (3+3+2) and deep talents would give you 5 points to spend in diffrent tallents (3+2). Trees will be 31 talent points, we’ll get less talents per lvl (1 talents at 2 lvls or so), that all changes are really gonna FLIP UP’SIDE’DOWN game.

    Let’s wait till next beta build to see wtf is going on…

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    Beta mode ON

    July 5, 2010 Leave a comment

    Prolly everyone noticed that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta has started. Alot new stuff has come out, alot will be out in next days / weeks.

    I’ve decided to pass all beta information, all except Shaman’s one, so you won’t notice zone change / other classes changes etc. All that stuff you can find at MMO-Champion for example. So far there isn’t much shaman new stuff.

    Ghostwolf indoor is confirmed, Unleash of Rockbiter won’t makes us tanks, that’s confirmed by blue aswell, it’s more for situational usage. Talent trees isnt much changed so far. Anyway, keep in touch with us to be fresh with beta news

    Cataclysm beta tab.

    June 29, 2010 Leave a comment

    Here we go.

    After 3 drunk days and some shitload of work i’ve back and blog is gonna morph for something… bigger hope so

    I’ve lunched Cataclysm beta tab in menu, im gonna to play alot on beta, if key doesn’t find way to my e-mail probably i’ll buy one to keep you alive with beta as much as possible. In Cataclysm beta tab you gonna find information, my thoughts, screenshot or movies from that beta.

    Recruitment is next tab, which i’ll lunch late today or tomorrow. Yes, im looking for redactors for SpamHeal, to create crew what makes our blog better, bigger, probably about more issues then only Restoration or Healing, so if your creativity can’t leave you only for playing, you have to visit Recruitment tab to grab some additionally information. At the moment i can’t tell you which issues we’re going to catch, maybe it will be other specs of shaman, maybe other healing class, maybe even a rogue!, it’s all up to you.

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