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Cataclysm healing academy: Part 1

August 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Cataclysm Healing Academy, it’s a new initiative of SpamHeal blog. I’ve decided to start such actions becouse of Blizzard blues and they statements. Ghostclawler with his blue friends few times announced changes about healers mana, and about, endless mana poll. In Cataclysm it have to change, blues said that healers will have to manage their mana like old times, there were blues where Devs saying even about “Soft enrage” in fights which will happen when healers mana is out, lets call it “Mana starvation enrage”.

Don’t be naive, in this envoirment alot of us (healers), specially this one with lower experience¬† will be just lame, totally noobie when after 2 min of fights they’ll be Out of Mana. Yes, im hoping that’s possible.

For now, we have to wait for new mana regen mechic, atm on beta mana regen formula is totally broken (yes?) and your mana is just infinite (sitting with 3,000 mn5 isn’t intended seems like) so i can’t you tell about mana management or right spell usage.

So far, in beta we’ve got 3 instances and 1st part of academy will be about one of them, about Blackrock Caverns, lvl 80-82 instance. “Read more” for … yy … MORE!

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Still no BETA :<, Shaman changes build 12644++

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes, i still doesn’t have beta, it’s a fairly good reason why you don’t have beta streaming, impresions, other stuff.

Ok, we’re 3 build ahead then last post i’ve made. At least we’ve got some nice changes in our restoration build.

More on this changes tomorrow.

Cataclysm beta tab.

June 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Here we go.

After 3 drunk days and some shitload of work i’ve back and blog is gonna morph for something… bigger hope so

I’ve lunched Cataclysm beta tab in menu, im gonna to play alot on beta, if key doesn’t find way to my e-mail probably i’ll buy one to keep you alive with beta as much as possible. In Cataclysm beta tab you gonna find information, my thoughts, screenshot or movies from that beta.

Recruitment is next tab, which i’ll lunch late today or tomorrow. Yes, im looking for redactors for SpamHeal, to create crew what makes our blog better, bigger, probably about more issues then only Restoration or Healing, so if your creativity can’t leave you only for playing, you have to visit Recruitment tab to grab some additionally information. At the moment i can’t tell you which issues we’re going to catch, maybe it will be other specs of shaman, maybe other healing class, maybe even a rogue!, it’s all up to you.

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Blog’in start!

June 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Welcome to the, brand new Healing, Shaman, WoW mechanic, theory and practice blog.


Im quite young shaman, around 2 months ago i’ve rerolled to it, but my overally WoW experience is huge, becouse im playing since release. More information about me you can find¬† in page “About me“.

I’ve been looking for good restoration shaman blog for quite long, honestly there there isn’t much blogs of that kind, beside that there is really much really great Elemental Shaman blogs.

The plan is to make ultimate Shaman spot, where you can all information, from simple and basic tips to deep theorycrafting, fight tips, and more more more, updating every day.

Anyway, im hoping that we’ve great time ahead us.

Wish you great time here, Drst

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