First of all, you gonna feel really good as shaman, there is tons of npc’s like you, alot of nature spells around to defend Tree, that all “aura” makes you proud, i mean that you’re a shaman. But it won’t be your first impresions.

Your first thoughts will be about quests or lore if you’re lore’freak. You gonna meet Ysera with cool’looking Alextrasza-like model, She and other NPCs gonna bomb you with quests, and… there is 1st crappy issue. Quests are just terrible BORING. Go kill 5 elementals, get 10 Ogre heads and etc. Of course there is few exceptions and thanks God, they’re SUCH GREAT, for ex. Get bears from tree and throw them into trampoline – that quest is full, fully of WIN!. Overally whole zone is still in deep dev. There is alot spawns missing, animations of new elmentals missing, alot Placeholders of NPC texts or models. However, doing that all boring quests makes feel you that You really saving Mount Hyjal from Deathwing and Ragnaros forces which is pretty cool, which allows you to forgot about sleep.


This one, i mean this zone is far, far better then Mount Hyjal, started from introducing, where you’re going to bay and sailing with Horde Warriors, where big tenacles attacks you, when you’re drowing, till some “SHAMAN!” save your ass. After this enojoying “pre’quests” to zone you got some tasks, to save some horde warriors, hunt food for them, find armor for them. Then you’re going to defend your “ship” and your quest going BUGGED and you don’t have any followups (that’s my story). Overall Vashjr seems to be full of fun quests, not only killing and gathering stuff but you have to wait till i’ll check it with some alt.

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