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Hello folks.

Me and my little

Im Mateusz, pretty call to Matthew in english.

20 years ago i was born in central of Poland, in Tomaszow Mazowiecki.

I’m playing World of Warcraft since release. First of all was every or almost every class till 30, when i reach level around 30 i decided to make another character, and another, and another, then priest – Darkist has come. I was really shocked how hard im enjoying with healing, with mana problems, with downranking even to Heal rank 1. Damn, that was such fun and skill depend. I started with 5 man (10 man thoesdays) instances. That time was really epic, hard encounters, gear lacking – even if you have been farming it for day and night. Zul’Gurub, first epics, first guilds, firsts emo’drama’kills/wipes/leaves (take your pick). Days was ticking away same as content. Molten Core cleared, BWL cleared, AQ patch has come with great guntlet to open gates, oh God, it was great, AQ20 cleared, at AQ40 i was stopped at Twins which means i didn’t kill Twins and C’thun till TBC, tick, tick, tick. Naxxramas 40 was epic in terms of hard fight. I didn’t killed 4 bosses there.

TBC has arrived. I rerolled to Paladin, second lvl 70 at Burning Legion, most epic memories from TBC? Early heroic 5 man instances. Steamvault for example, ffs that was insane. With one shooting tank trash, where packs has 4-5 mobs, pretty often uncontrolable, with silence/stun/fear or whatever else. Heroics server 1st, with tank, double healer and double ranged (often 2x mage), gimme such heroics once again. Then alot raid content, from Kara to SWP, everything pre’nerf killed.

Next one was Wrath of the Lich King, expansion of pure awesomeness in terms of lore usage, but the worst expansion from good player view. I step back to priest and with Polish guild makes Sartharion and Sart3D server firsts, Naxx and Malygos almost server 1st’ed, around 15 min after it 😐

But that content, that expansion is missing (yes, still) something, is something that what Vanilla and TBC has, is something what allows me to keep at one character, in WotLK 1st time i’ve made alt, even 2, and when alts was done, i was loggin in only for raids, then going out, for Bike / MW2 / BC2 / SC2 or whatever else what was more interesting then sitting in Dalaran. I quit, due mainly by move to my own house but honestly, i was thinking about it even without moving, becouse that game, well, isn’t same, isn’t World of Warcraft what i liked to be.

We have now 11 June, alot Cataclysm changes was announced, of course lets wait till beta, but for now, im really, really happy with thoes changes, with changes what going to make that game again Vanilla like… or it seems like to be that. I started again, now as Shaman – Drst, and I really like it, far more then Priest or Paladin healing. I decide to make some “casualgaming” till Cata, and as for now i felt in love in Shaman, totems, riptiding or whatever else.

At the end of introduction of my, i want to apologise for my freaking bad English grammar, but lets hope you can handle it.

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