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Cataclysm healing academy: Part 1

Cataclysm Healing Academy, it’s a new initiative of SpamHeal blog. I’ve decided to start such actions becouse of Blizzard blues and they statements. Ghostclawler with his blue friends few times announced changes about healers mana, and about, endless mana poll. In Cataclysm it have to change, blues said that healers will have to manage their mana like old times, there were blues where Devs saying even about “Soft enrage” in fights which will happen when healers mana is out, lets call it “Mana starvation enrage”.

Don’t be naive, in this envoirment alot of us (healers), specially this one with lower experience¬† will be just lame, totally noobie when after 2 min of fights they’ll be Out of Mana. Yes, im hoping that’s possible.

For now, we have to wait for new mana regen mechic, atm on beta mana regen formula is totally broken (yes?) and your mana is just infinite (sitting with 3,000 mn5 isn’t intended seems like) so i can’t you tell about mana management or right spell usage.

So far, in beta we’ve got 3 instances and 1st part of academy will be about one of them, about Blackrock Caverns, lvl 80-82 instance. “Read more” for … yy … MORE!

Blackrock Caverns, seems like 1st new instance what we meet in Cataclysm, it’s Utgrade Keep of Cataclysm but this is only likeness becouse BC is far more longer, harder, funny etc, etc. I’ve done it twice, both runs takes around 1h each which is pretty much, becouse 1st runs of UK took around 30-40 min. for me. Ok, about healing:

You prolly won’t have much free time to alt’tab or take a coffe, whole instance is covered by quite huge tank damage, both of my tanks had around 65k of HP and there were packs of 4 mobs which hits for 10k each, totally gives streak of 40k hp lost in 0,5 sec what is pretty much, my tank healing was about spammin Healing Way all the time, since cost of it is really low (yes i know i had infiinte mana but i were playin like with ‘right’ mana regen formula), Greater Healing Way on the way when tank get raped, overally there wasn’t any overhealing, that means tank take regural hits which is pretty nice for us, healers. Mortal strike on tank happens quite often, lets say about 30% in combat time they had MS on, it’s pretty suck, Sunder Armor debuffs happens aswell, that debuffs mixed makes tank healing really not easy, like on TBC times but less “chaotic”. Forgot about pulling 2-3 packs to AoE, it’s impossible atm becouse of tank healing primo, you won’t keep alive your tank and becouse of spells what trash is using, with pulling 10 mobs your party probably will be locked off with chains, fears or counterspells.

About party damage, Blizzard said that they’re going to tune down raid/party damage and in BC they did as hell. Almost whole instance is free from party damage, it happens only few times, including boss fights, more often random party mamber will take almost one hitting damage, from “Randombolt” or some Cleave / Spike effect what is pretty easy to heal up. Most deaths can happen on bosses, which have some AoE damage with heavy tank / party member damage. 3 seconds in AoE effect with splash gonna kill someone in first boss. Blizzard tune down aswell dispel moments, in whole instance i had maybe 2 spells to dispel, it’s super low when we’re lookin on UK, where you ca dispel on almost every pull.

Overally, instance won’t be easy, specially with fixed mana regen, you’ll have to drink at least over a dozen times and for sure after every boss fight. My 1st impression is like: With normal mana regen and heroic mode, TBC Heroics modes are going back.

over a dozen
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