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Cataclysm Beta – Build 12604 and previously.

More then two weeks ago last post were made, im sorry for that but all of the beta information makes me mad, everyday new build, new stuff, etc.

Last build, 12604 introduce brand new Armor Specializations, we, resto shamans are focused on:

Tribal Mail SpecializationIncreases your Intellect by 5% while wearing only Mail armor.

With this change Blizzard wants to make our BiS list with Mails, but im not 100% sure that 5% of intellect will be enough when itemization will be fucked šŸ™‚

From class changes, Ancestral Swiftness is back as a Tier 2 talent in Enh tree, this is only noticeable change for our Resto tree.


Our possible Restoration builds at them moment:

This (3/5/31) is core of our build in my opinion, with 3 points in Ancestral Knowledge in Elemental tree and 5 points in Enh tree with points in Improved Shields 3/3 and Elemental Weapons 2/2.

Now, we’ve 2 free points to spend, and 2 “moveable” talents in Restoration tree, in my main build atm i’ll spend thoes 2 talents in Ancestral Swiftness (reminder: Ghostwolf will be useable indoor) which makes my final build like 3/7/31.

You can move 2 talents away from Ancestral Swiftness, 1 from Ancestral Resolve and put thoes 3 points into Focused Insight if you like to play more offensive (possible Flame shocking boss). You can take aswell 1 point more fromĀ  Ancestral Resolve and 1 from Elemental Weapons and put 2 points into Telluric Currents if you like to play more more offensive to gain some raid dps and probably good mana gain from “bolting” boss.

So far, our Restoration tree is still dissapointing for me at least. There is lack of new good healing utility.

Aditionally there is highly possible that i’ll have beta acces in next week, so stay tuned with news and previews.

Tribal Mail Specialization – Increases your Intellect by 5% while wearing only Mail armor.
  1. Squeexi-Wildhammer(EU)
    July 25, 2010 at 12:39

    I’ve spent a lot of time lately pouring over Cataclysm talent trees creating a spec for the purpose of speed leveling in a dungeon with a solid 5-man group for the purpose of clearing dungeons as fast as possible. As of the current BETA build, the spec I’ve come up with that will be most effective I think will be the following: http://www.wowtal.com/#k=mvV7ARTJ.9q4.shaman
    – note that this is NOT an spec intended to be raiding with.

    Explanation: Ancestral Swiftness – this one I’m quite excited about. Ghost Wolf now works indoors, and the members of my particular leveling group chain popping Swiftness Potions, this will be very valuable for keeping up with the very fast pace of the dungeon clearing.

    Lack of Nature’s Swiftness – The dungeon way of speed leveling involves repeating the same instances over and over again. This means that damage will become very predictable, and emergency buttons will become redundant. In order to speed clear dungeons efficiently, an emphasis is placed on efficiency and smoothness, making this button most likely not necessary at any point.

    Lack of Cleanse Spirit – Left this talent out at this stage as I am simply not aware of any magic debuffs that will be necessary to cleanse while dungeon spam clearing. If there are debuffs in the dungeons (yet to be seen by me at least), simply drop a point in Ancestral Knowledge and get it. With the amount of damage you should be doing as a shaman healer, you won’t miss 5% mana, as it will be kept up with chain potting and Telluric Currents.

  2. July 25, 2010 at 19:25

    Im excited about GW indoor aswell, but it’s doubtable about 2 points in Telluric Currents, imo point in Cleanse Spirit and Point into Nature’s Swiftness would be better. As far it’s better to drink mana even every pack, instead of wipe becouse of some mad magic debuff or becouse of spike on tank which would be healable with NS

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