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3.3.5, Totem Recall event, Warden 2.0, 25% ICC Buff.

Ahoy, work today seems a bit sloopy so i’ve some time to write about some crap things.

Patch 3.3.5 has been released on US Servers. It gives us brand new Battle.net 2.0 social options, Real ID system and new Ruby Sanctum dungeon aka Sartharion v2. Thoes of you who are excited about new content… C’mon, its main rule is “Pay us for a month or two more till we release Cataclysm”. Cataclysm beta is far more seriousness stuff and it’s aswell, really close to us, prolly even this week!

More topics down here.

Totem Recall: a shaman round table event

After Priest, Paladin and Hunter round table events now it’s time to Shaman one.

Joe “Lodur” Perez of  WoW.com and World of Matticus
Rich “Stoneybaby” Maloy of WoW.com and Big Crits
Borsk of Borsked
Jhaman of Castaclysm
Pewter of MentalShaman

They’ll be answering your questions / comments / phones or whatever else they can!

More information you can find here

Warden 2.0

Warden is Blizzard Anti Cheat Engine, Blizzard which is understandable doesn’t much saying about it, but so far i know with 3.3.5 release on US Servers new Warden was installed. Old one didn’t detect any botting action, about new one nobody knows, will take few days to figure out, so botters, STOP IT.

Icecrown buff set to 25%

25% of buff has come, now your stamina, dps na healing done should be 25% higher then in other dungeons. As reminder Buff will be 5% more stronger. 30% will be release in 4 weeks from today. So more gear for pugz and altz!

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