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3.3.5 release date, Ruby Sanctum shaman drops.

3.3.5 this week? No, yesterday PTR Maintance is done and Public Test Server is prolly going up again becouse there is more work to do as Blizzard devs noticed. That’s mean that new content patch won’t be up this week, personally i doubt it will be on next week, more likely we need to wait 2-3 weeks more.

That’s good for me, becouse i have time to look into drops there, so:

First off, 10 man drops:

So far we know 2 viable items:

Abduction’s Cover – quite well back, with spell haste, mp5 and spell power, pretty same like Blood Princes back, better then normal from thoes, a bit worst then 264 version, from heroic mode. Overall on 4th position in cloak BiS list

Changeling Gloves – another “more elemental then restoration shaman” item, but if you got 2-4 pieces with mp3, Elemental items are BiS for us aswell. Around 10th position in BiS slot.

Now we have 25man drops:

Cloak of Burning Dusk – Haste, Spell Power, Crit rating back, ilvl 271 poping it as 2nd BiS cloak.

Bracers of Fiery Night Cloth, but who cares? 3nd BiS bracers.

Phaseshifter’s Bracers Again not Mail, leather now, exactly same stats as Bracers of Fiery Night, mentioned above, but this one have yellow socket, so this one is 5 spell power above, cuz of our Haste Gemming. 2nd BiS bracers.

Split Shape Belt – Mail belt; Haste, Spell power, Crit rating (yes, non’mp5 item again), 3rd BiS belt, after 277 ICC Cloth from Morrowgar and Deathbringer’s one.

and trinket:

Glowing Twilight Scale – Healing trinket, with Based 190 spell power, and proc: Use: For the next 15 sec, each time your direct healing spells heal a target you cause the target of your heal to heal themselves and friends within 10 yards for 356 each sec for 6 sec. (2 Min Cooldown), pretty useless for raid healing since Chain Heal isn’t a Direct Heal, viable only on few fights. Bad designed proc makes it ~5th BiS trinket.

Conclusion could be only one, few good items, even 2nd BiS bracers, but Blizzard forcing us to gear not with Mails, its time to get some casters and druids mad.

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