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Cataclysm shaman changes.

Official this time and… disappointing, at least for me, from PvE view.

Blizzard’s blues have been released a early beta of our Cataclysm talents. Honestly our new healing tree is the most disappointing, far more then great priest talents and from “decent” restoration druid, at least in my opinion.

With our new talents we aren’t taking even single new good PvE talent, instead of that we’re received 2 new PvP focused talents, which are pretty poor trade off for dispel poison and totem.

Focused Insight (5 points)After casting any shock spell, your next heal’s mana cost is reduced by 15/30/45/60/75% of the cost of the shock spell, and its healing effectiveness is increased by 5/10/15/20/25%.

Ancestral Resolve (2 points) – Reduces damage taken while casting spells by 5/10%.

and… THAT’S ALL!

While Disci priest is taking running’while’penence possibility, Holy priest PoH overpower and Druid is gettin quite fun effect on Regrowth, we’ve 2 not such pro pvp talents, well ok, Ancestral Resolve is ‘fine’ for PvE aswell – in raid damage scenario, but I would take it only becouse I have 10 free talent points. Ok, enough whining, look at our future build:

This one is a basic restoration talent spec within 8 Enhancement talent points in. That means that we still have 14 talent points to spend somewhere (yes, huge amount), thanks God that 1st tiers of Enhancement tree giving us, pretty good utility.

This one is with this tallents already in, but we still have 9 free talents (lol), Improved Ghost wolf? Hell yea, since Ghostwolf will be usable indoor in Cataclysm.
Now, the interesting thing. We’re able to reach Dual Wielding which will be superrior spell power (mainly) boost if Blizzard will give some “One hand” weapons instead of “Main Hand”

If it, this one would be mine final build, with 15% increase running speed,  dual wielding, and 10% less mana cost on totems as an aditionall utility. If  there won’t be “One Hand” weapons avaiable, like now, my build would looks like that.

As for now, we have to wait till beta, and potential changes in that builds.

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